Divorce Mediation

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

The Cost Savings of Divorce Mediation is a substantial incentive to choose mediation. The difference between having a family law attorney conducting the mediation rather than a "mediation center" or non-attorney mediator is the both parties are receiving legal advise on how the Courts decide the division of property, formulate a parenting plan and calculate support.

Traditional divorces require each party to retain a separate attorney. The average retainer for each attorney is $5,000. If litigation is required the cost of divorce can range from $10,000 to $50,000. The cost of mediation is substantially lower.

With Mediation, clients may choose either an hourly fee or a flat rate mediation.

The hourly fee option is available. This option is beneficial for clients who have smaller estates or the majority of issues resolved and only require mediation of one or two issues.

The flat fee ranges between $2,000 to $4,000 depending upon the size of the estate and the number of businesses to be divided.


Clients do not have to attend Court, the children do not need to be interviewed and all financial information is not a public record.


The timetable for a divorce by litigation can be from 6 months to several years depending upon the Court schedule, the attorney's schedule and the adversarial nature of ligitation. A Divorce Mediation and all paperwork can be completed in as little as one day.

No Unfair Advantage

Often one party has an unfair advantage in Court because of the competency and experience of the attorneys or because of their financial resources. Divorce Mediation creates a level playing field. Lisa Ramsey has an ethical duty to insure that neither pary is prejudiced. Education and Transparency are the cornerstone of informed settlements.

Divorce Mediation Options

Separating parties are often not ready to sit in the same office with their spouse and believe they must hire separate counsel in order to obtain temporary orders or obtain the final divorce. Lisa Ramsey provides alternatives to joint mediations when the parties are more comfortable with remaining separate.

Joint Mediation Sessions

Lisa meets with both parties and does not have communication with either party separately.

Separate Mediation Sessions

Lisa meets with the parties separately and a "caucus" mediation is conducted.

Video or Tele-Conference Mediation Sessions

These options are available for joint sessions or separate sessions.

In addition to the options above, the majority of pleadings can be transmitted either via facsimile or email to save the parties time and convenience

Divorce Mediation Process

The Divorce Mediation Process can be separated into the following steps:

  • Gathering of Facts
  • Appraisals Home and Businesses
  • Legal Advice
  • Agreement
  • Documents Prepared
  • Documents Filed With Court

Lisa Ramsey has 20 years of experience working with couples to resolve their divorce. Mediation provides an alternative to litigation when the couple wishes to work towards a settlement.

As an experienced litigator, Lisa Ramsey, is able to access the parties motivations, priorities and move the parties to a resolution. Decisions by the Court is based upon the Family Law Code and the relevant case law as well as the ability to make findings of fact. Lisa Ramsey is well versed in in the law and has created a process of mediation which allows the clients to communicate in a safe environment.

Based upon the facts provided, Lisa Ramsey will be able to form an opinion as to how the Courts would likely resolve their issues. Based upon the law, Lisa Ramsey will be able to form an opinion as to how Courts would calculate child support, spousal support, attorney fees, child custody and the division of property.

At the conclusion of the mediation process, The Law Office of Lisa Ramsey will prepare all the necessary pleadings, including the Petition, Response, Schedule of Assets and Debts, Income and Expense, Disclosures, the Marital Settlement Agreement and the final Judgment.

The timing from commencement to completion can be one day or it can be longer depending upon the parties.

Divorce mediation can be successful when the parties have the facts, the assessment of the facts by Lisa Ramsey and the knowledge of the law. Divorce Mediation can help families protect their children. Divorce Mediation allows the parents to formulate the best parenting plan for their children. Divorce Mediation can help the parents maintain a working relationship.

The finances and division of property issues are generally resolved by relating the facts to the Family Law Code and the relevant cases. Experts in business appraisals, home appraisals and pension appraisals are utilized to determine the value of the community and separate assets.

The child support and spousal support issues are resolved by determining the individual incomes or earning capacity of each party. If there are disagreements regarding the income of the parties an expert can be employed to determine the actual income. The Court utilizes a computer program to determine temporary spousal support and child support. The same computer program is utilized in the mediation process.

Lisa Ramsey will require full disclosure so the outcome is fair. Education, legal advice and transparency create the cornerstone of an informed settlement.

Mediations are conducted with either both parties in the same room or the parties in different rooms depending upon the comfort level of the parties. Mediation may also be conducted via video or tele-conference.

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