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25 Years of Experience, Your Trusted Family Law and Divorce Attorney In San Luis Obispo

Lisa Ramsey offers experienced, comprehensive family law legal advice and counsel. Experience and Trust are the most important factors while navigating the process of divorce, child custody, child support and domestic violence.

Practicing since 1994 in the San Luis Obispo County Courts, Lisa Ramsey can offer you the best representation in San Luis Obispo.

I have a reputation for creative litigation approaches and achieving exceptional results. Trust that your financial security and the best interests of your children will be given the highest priority when represented by Lisa Ramsey.

Zealous Advocacy

​Trusted Advocate for the Residents of San Luis Obispo County

Family Law

From Complex Business and High Asset Divorces to motions for modification of child custody, child support and restraining orders. Every case is important and each case is handled directly by the attorney Lisa Ramsey.

I’ve been practicing Family Law for 25 years, with hundreds of successful cases to my name. My San Luis Obispo County clients can count on my Family Law expertise to manage the legal framework supporting their endeavors. When I am involved in a case, I help my client successfully resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


thank you Lisa

I thought my divorce might never resolve, I appreciate Lisa & Theresa for all their hard work and keeping me somewhat sane through this lengthy experience. We are finally at the end and we got through it without having to go through a trial for which I am very thankful. Unlike other attorneys I've known, she understands the stress people are under with the life changing decisions that are made in a divorce. She looks at the long term and beyond today. Her fees are reasonable, she has an excellent team and referral network and she is easy to talk to. I can't thank her enough for getting me through this awful mess and for being tough when I needed her to be. I would definitely recommend her!

It will be better in six months

I went to Lisa after my ex and both had attorneys and we both were unhappy with result. we had let our emotions rule our requests from the court. Lisa and the therapist made us realize we must be the children first above all else. After that we were able to work out the financial parts of the divorce. Lisa was calm and cared about our family. She kept saying "where do you want to be in six months?" With that in mind we created something that works for our family

Did a fantastic job!

Lisa acted quickly to get my daughter back from some illegal practices from an ex-husband and his slimey attorney. She was very knowledgable and empathetic. I will always be indebted to her. I believe her ethics are very strong and she will do the right thing.

Family Counseling Mediation

Lisa Ramsey and Theresa were exceptional. Well organized and caring. We had several issues that looked like only the court could resolve but we tried the Family Counseling Mediation with a therapist and after several sessions we both realized that our divorce did not have to hurt the kids. I am so thankful we stopped the Court proceedings and went through this process.

Easy Mediation Process

Lisa was fair and able to bring us together to reach a solution that was best for our family. We were able to create a good environment for our kids and she also helped us understand the importance of maintaining an amicable relationship with my ex husband

Lisa Ramsey protected my family

Lisa Ramsey was excellent. I felt she cared about my family and she protected my kids.

So grateful

I am so grateful for the help I have received from Lisa Ramsey. She is truly one of the most outstanding lawyers I have come across. She is empathetic and provides wise counsel. I cannot imagine having another lawyer for what I was going through

Lisa Ramsey is brilliant!

Lisa Ramsey is brilliant! She is an true angel to my young children and I! She is amazing with her knowledge of family law. I am so glad she has represented, fought and is continuing to fight for my children's best interest! She is now a part of our family and is truly in the struggle with us! I have been enduring a high conflict divorce for many years and Lisa Ramsey has been with me every step of the way, protecting me and my children! I am forever grateful to her and recommend her without any hesitation.

Persistent, assertive when necessary

This is a good time to review Lisa Ramsey as my divorce documents have just been signed by the judge. 4 years ago I needed to retain Lisa to represent me. She has been persistent, assertive when necessary and obviously, patient with the process (issues related to the other party).Her professional experience, her advocacy and her empathy all have been critical at key points along the way. 4 years. You will need a trusted, respectful advisor, I recommend Lisa Ramsey. Bonus: her sense of humor in stressful times!

Thank you again Lisa for being the best!

Well I cannot express enough Gratitude for Lisa and her Incredible skills as a lawyer. That were provided not only for me but most of all for my young precious daughters.. The scary world of divorce seemed like an eternity. But now looking back it’s a blimp of time That leaves me in such relief, because my girls were a literally in danger, I don’t I could’ve had better results with this crazy ordeal. Thank you again Lisa for being the best!!!!

I have recommended her to several friends

I have known and worked with Lisa Ramsey for over 17 years. She is one of the most thorough and intelligent attorneys I have ever known. I have recommended her to several friends over the years and she has done a great job for all of them. She is one of the best Family Law attorneys in this area and I highly recommend her .

Thoroughly invested in her work

Lisa Ramsey is a talented lawyer who is caring and kind, especially when going through a divorce. She is thoroughly invested in her work and cares about each client that she represents. I have nothing but positive things to say about her

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